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Extreme Testing

Pedi cases were tumbled

and bumped end over end  thirty times and the violin and bow inside were completely undamaged.


A fully loaded Pedi case was hung from the handles and shaken 5,000 times, the handles remained attached.


A standard Pedi case

withstood a load of 80kg (176lbs) without sustaining any damage.


Zipped and unzipped 10,000 times, the Pedi case zipper

still worked smoothly.


A Pedi case was dropped 3 times in a row from a height

of 3 metres with no

damage to the violin

and bow inside.


Pedi's bow spinners were turned 10,000 times and

they still worked.








Pedi For Violin & Viola:

Model 51150 (violin)

Model 51250 (Viola):

Stronger than a plywood case,

lighter than a foam case...


  • Patented design innovations
  • Highest quality bow-holders
  • Improved interior top pillow
  • Patented "Steel Shield" structure
  • Music pocket with extra pocket for pencils, phones etc.
  • Unique hidden ultra light, ergonomically designed backpack straps that fold away when not needed
  • Dimensions: 11" wide, 31 1/4" long, 6 1/2" high
  • Available in black, red, blue, brown, & olive green exterior
  • Interior color is gray
  • Weighs just over 5.5lbs


Strength In Technology

The model 51150 is not just a lightweight case. Pedi's patented "Steel Shield Protection Structure" provides extreme durability and superb pressure resistance up to 175lbs.

Spacious & Weather Resistant

The Pedi Model 51150 is not just a basic case. The oversized music pocket has an added accessory pocket that fits anything from a pencil to a smartphone . The front guard flap is magnetized and the exterior fabric's water resistance combines with the shell material to help keep unwanted moisture away from the instrument.

Smart & Unique

Having a shoulder strap and a backpack system can be a great asset in our daily commute.  But keeping unnecessary straps dangling around can not only be a minor annoyance, but also lead to unexpected accidents.  The backpack system of the Pedi Model 51150 can be stowed and concealed completely when not in use.

Beyond Essentials On A Budget

Less expensive doesn’t always mean less functionality. The interior is equipped with two small and one large accessory compartment, a humidifier tube, and two leather-lined bow holders. The interior lining features an ultra-soft suede-style microfiber fabric which perfectly complements Pedi's "added safety" suspension system. 




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Check Out These Details...


Patented Design - unlike any other case on the market...This Pedi case utilizes Pedi's exclusive patented design "Steel Shield" structure to achieve the ultimate in balance, function, weight, strength, shock and heat resistance. The "Steel Shield" design allows Pedi to do away with the more traditional heavy plywood and foam construction, reducing the weight of the case significantly and improving both the shock and heat resistance.

It resists up to 175 pounds of pressure while still weighing in at just over 5 pounds (viola case weighs in at just over 5.5 pounds). Case comes standard with a built-in humidifier, full suspension, two leather lined bow holders and much more.

Pedi didn't just apply their flair for innovation to the physical construction of these cases. Their attention to detail has resulted in some pretty cool innovations that really make these cases stand out from the competition. For instance...

Straps, Handles And The Pedi Backpack System:


Pedi cases come with a unique strap and a backpack system. Both are soft and well padded but here's the difference. Pedi's shoulder strap and backpack system can be folded back into a special pocket when you don't need them, eliminating the annoyance of flapping straps.








Humidifier and Top Pillow: 

Many cases these days come with a built-in humidifier, usually located in the case lid.

It's a great idea but in most cases it is entirely ineffective. Why? Because the violin is placed in the case and then the traditional protective blanket, (all cases come with them) is placed over the instrument, effectively sealing it off from the positive effects of the humidifier. 


Pedi's designers solved this problem by adding a mesh insert into their blanket that still protects the instrument without impeding the all important airflow between the humidifier and the instrument. Simple but brilliant!


A Music Pocket You Can Actually Put More Than Music In:

The music pocket is over-sized allowing you to actually use it to store music. The really cool part is that the Pedi designers chose to include another smaller pocket inside that can be used to stow items like tuners, pencils or even your mobile phone.







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